New Clay Books, May 2012

Here are the first photos of the books I am planning to make over the next weeks.

The title pages are already printed and the text pages cut.  My first task is to sew the pages into text blocks and I’ll add photos as I progress.

May 29th:  I’ve added photos of the folded pages and the steps needed as I sew the pages together over tapes to make the text block.

June 1st: Added end papers and trimmed them to size.  Selected end bands and ribbon markers, then adhered them to spine of text.

June 2nd: Cut Davey board to correct (I hope) sizes for books.  Selected which bookcloth to use for the spines, trimmed bookcloth to size and prepared all the bits and pieces that make up the spine.  Didn’t feel like gluing today.

June 4th: Back to it after taking a break yesterday. Finished all the covers by adding bookcloth, spine stiffener and decorative paper covers to the boards.

June 5th: Finished up the text block spines, so everything is ready for the great casing-in.  That’s always the moment of truth.

June 7th: Cased in the books, that is, putting the text blocks into the case.  You can see the final books above.

If you have any suggestions for new titles, please leave them in the comment section.  I’m always looking for new ideas.

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