Titles and Frontispieces

I title all my books and add frontispieces where possible.  It adds a touch of  individuality to my books and personalizes them for you. My titles frequently reflect the papers I am using, but may come from a dream, the lyrics of a song or just something I’ve heard.

Samples of computer printed and tipped in engravings. The engravings and printed illustrations are taken from defective books that are missing pages or covers and beyond repair.  I can’t bring myself to ruin a sound book no matter how much I’d like to use the illustration.  You can see more of my books on YCAC or buy them on Etsy.


The final stage in Designing a Book  is adding the title.  I use the software program Publisher to add the title, border and any computer generated illustration.  For the demonstration batch, I didn’t use any engravings.  All this is printed, the sheets folded and I’m ready for the next phase which is Making a Book.

The titles and illustrations for the demo books:

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