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Downsizing, or getting smaller

I’ve been playing with designs again.  This time smaller and simpler seem to be the themes.  The simplest book of all, except for the scroll, is just some paper fastened together. This lacks durability and form so a protective cover needs to be added.  If the cover is just heavier paper then the pages and the cover can easily be stitched together making a simple notepad or jotter. Since I happen to have lots of pretty heavy weight paper on hand, it’s easy.  And all the better since the heavy paper is too heavy for use in traditional books.

Here’s the result:


After making the large portfolios and medium size notepads, I decided to complete the series with a mini-notepad, just right for a pocket. These are very small: just 3″ x4″ to fit a memo pad.

I’m hoping these will make great little gifts for the holidays.  They are fun to make and don’t take nearly as much time and effort as the larger varieties.  Another plus is that I get to play with lots of combinations of papers.

Here’s the whole week’s production.





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Frantic Fall Facts & Fantasies

Isn’t alliteration great?

I love Fall, but it’s never quite long enough to get all the buttoning-up for winter finished. I start with a long list and sometimes hope that the snow will come so I don’t have to finish everything!

On the good side, I gave the front grass its last mowing, the garden is 75% pulled out and the wood is ordered.  On the bad side, the chimney never got swept, the back acre wasn’t mowed, the wood hasn’t been delivered and the last few tomato plants are still there.

On the very good side, I designed some new items that will use up more of the paper I keep making. That should keep me amused this winter.  I’ll try to post some pictures later.  For now, I’m just enjoying the change of seasons even though the skies have been usually gray and the trees rather uninteresting this year.  Or maybe they just need a crisp, sunny autumn day to look their best.

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