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I started making books over 30 years ago after taking a course at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.  Due to family and work responsibilities, it was never more than a casual hobby until I retired.  Now that I am retired, I finally have the time and energy to play. In the pages of this blog, I hope to share my passions for books, bookmaking and paper. I hope you will join me and enjoy.

My books can be purchased on Etsy a great place for wonderful hand-crafted gifts, artwork and more.

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  2. Adam Hall

    Do you rebind books? I’m coming up on my 7th anniversary so I thought of buying my wife a book and then having it rebound in something really nice and then having it decorated or clasped with copper. I’m having a really hard time finding anyone who could make such a thing. Any help or point me in the right direction for my search would be appreciated.

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