Making Treasure Towers

I’ve been making some towers this week and have gone through the process of choosing papers and making the outside form.  All that is left is to make inside boxes and the tops. Choosing papers to use is much like the process I use for making my books.  It’s a little more complicated because of the size, shape and weight of the papers I need.  I like to use heavy card stock for the boxes and tops, but card stock is a bit heavy for the towers.  The outside paper has to be flexible enough to open and close.  I sometimes do use a lighter weight paper for the boxes and tops, but I reinforce them with a bit of mat or bristol board.

I have started making two sizes of towers, mostly to make it possible for me to make the three interior boxes from one sheet of 12″x18″ paper!  Form follows necessity.  Since I’m not very methodical when I’m marbling, one of my biggest problems is to find papers that compliment each other and are the correct weight and size.  Lots of factors to consider. I’m promising myself that on my next marbling session I will use the same palette of colors on a variety of papers.

Here are pictures of the towers in progress and finished.


The cantilever design of the interior boxes creates a bit of problem in making the boxes strong enough to hold small items while remaining attached to the tower.

To Be Continued ……

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